▲ Liquid - electric separation design to prevent short circuit or corrosion of the circuit.

▲ Leakage alarm: The system has leakage monitoring, when there is leakage, the system can automatically trigger the pause button, waiting for the user to deal with.

▲ Pressure alarm: Real-time monitoring of the separation process to prevent instrument failure or column bursting due to excessive pressure, effectively protect the instrument and operators.


Chromatographic column is applicable to a wide range

CHEETAH® MP medium pressure system can be matched with glass column, 4-800g Flash column for use.

▲ Many brands are available for column selection

In addition to matching bonna-Agela chromatographic column, this system is also compatible with chromatographic column used by other manufacturers.

▲ There are many kinds of chromatographic columns

The system can be used for reverse phase separation or positive phase separation. The column can be used for positive phase system such as silica gel and alumina matrix, or for reverse phase system such as C18 and C8.


▲ The connection of third-party detectors and signal control collection can be realized: the third-party detectors can be matched by themselves later without prior notice.

▲ Automatic sampler and column converter can be connected to realize automatic switching and continuous collection from sample loading -- column switching -- fraction collection without personnel on duty.


▲ Collectors unlimited expansion, collection volume has no upper limit

The collector allows for an infinite loop with a single-tube collection volume of up to several hundred litres: a small fraction/volume collection or a large fraction/volume collection can be achieved with the same instrument.

▲ Collection container diversification

The collector can customize the collection container to support either test-tube rack collection or customer collection of any container: beaker, flask, solvent bottle, etc.

▲ Automatic cleaning

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