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The interaction between gibberellin signal and adversity and abscisic acid signal, 2000 alumni

Liu Yingying (1989 03.01-present), from Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Expert in metal materials, mechanical properties and heat treatment, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (member of the academic department). He graduated from Tangshan Jiaotong University in 1931 and taught at Jiaotong University from 1947 to 1949. He received a master's degree from the University of Illinois in 1936, and a master's degree from the University of Michigan in 1938. He has served as a professor at Southwest Associated University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and vice president of Xi'an Jiaotong University. He is also the vice chairman of Shaanxi Association for Science and Technology, the chairman of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, the chairman of the Chinese Society for Materials Science, a member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and a director of the China Postdoctoral Foundation. Elected as a representative of the Fifth People's Congress of Shaanxi Province. He is committed to the research of metal materials, thermal processing, heat treatment, and material strength. He created the theory of impact resistance many times, which pointed out the direction for the rational selection of materials and the formulation of heat treatment processes; he demonstrated that low-carbon martensite with superior performance can be obtained after quenching low-carbon steel, which opened up the potential for the strength of commonly used low-carbon steel A new approach; clarified the regularity of the reasonable coordination of the strength and plasticity of metal materials, which promoted the establishment of the Chinese material strength discipline. He has won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award, the National Invention Award, the third prize of National Natural Science Award, the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of the State Education Commission, and the Gold Award of Science and Technology Achievement issued by the Mechanical Engineering Society.

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