Functional fluorinated and porous materials

Sep 24 , 2020

Organic porous materials are used in important applications in the fields of catalysis, gas separation, chemical sensing and environmental protection. However, there are still challenges to synthesize organic porous materials that are easy to process and apply and are highly functionalized. One reason for this limitation is that the synthesis of porous materials is often based on a high degree of cross-linking, forming an insoluble three-dimensional network structure that makes the polymer difficult to process. On the other hand, the disordered polymerization reaction and the limitation of the template increase the difficulty of controlling the micropore structure. We envision the strategy of copolymerizing monomers with large steric hindrance, rigid three-dimensional structure and functionalized monomers based on copolymerization to synthesize highly functionalized one-dimensional linear functionalized organic porous materials. The molecular design of the monomer structure can effectively avoid the close packing of the polymer in the solid phase and promote the formation of pores. At the same time, the one-dimensional linear structure of the material can ensure the easy processing performance of the material. By fine-tuning the microenvironment around the pore size, we will greatly improve the enrichment, separation and catalytic performance of the material.


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